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Dance Forum Taipei

Dance Forum Taipei is the representative of contemporary dance in Taiwan. Through engaging different choreographers, the Company acts as an open forum for these artists to come together to present and to study their ideas first hand. Led by Ping Heng as Founder and Artistic Director, the Company presents performances of commissioned and re-constructed choreographies from different artist of diverse styles, ranging from inventive abstract vignettes to fantastical full-length dance theatre works.

DFT has presented 90 productions collaborating with 56 choreographers and 172 designers since its inception in 1989. Starting in 2008, the Company develops co-production with international companies and production house, including NDT, Skånes Dansteater, Korzo Theater and Mercat de les Flors. It has toured close to  1,000 performances, throughout the island of Taiwan as well as 40 major cities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Artistic Director/PING Heng


Founder and Artistic Director of Dance Forum Taipei (DFT) and Crown Theater. Holds an MA degree in Dance from New York University and is a certified Labanotation teacher.


Ping founded Taipei Dance Workshop in 1984, and started DFT in 1989. In addition to the annual production by DFT, Ping also produces the annual Crown Arts Festival in 1994-2006. From 1997 to 2006, Ping conducted the Asian Little Theatre/Dance Exchange Network, collaborating with theaters and dancers in major cities in Asia. She served as Chairperson of the Performing Arts Alliance, Artistic Director of National Chiang Kai- Shek Culture Center, Dean of Dance College, National Taipei University of the Arts and was on the Board of National Performing Arts Center.


Shattered Moon

Choreographer:Toru Shimazaki (Japan)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei

605-(S)-Dance Forum ╳ Marina Mascarell《Orthopedica Corporatio》.jpg

orthopedica corporatio

Choreographer:Marina Mascarell (Spain)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei

1006 j-72.jpg

Moon River 2.0

Choreographer:Ryohei Kondo (Japan)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei, CONDORS

119-《媒體入侵》- 舞蹈空間 × Marina Mascarell.jpg

Second Landscape

Choreographer:Marina Mascarell (Spain)

Performers:Dance Forum Taipei

2019 舞力.jpg

Dance Force

Choreographer:Toru Shimazaki (Japan)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei

2018 BECOMING.jpg


Choreographer:Iván Pérez (Spain)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei

2017 反反反.jpg

Three Times Rebel

Choreographer:Marina Mascarell (Spain)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei



Choreographer:Ming-Lung Yang, Iván Pérez (Spain)
Performers:Dance Forum Taipei, Christopher Tandy, Inés Belda, Javier Monzón

2015 沉睡的巨獸.jpg

it is like a large animal deep in sleep

Choreographer:Marina Mascarell (Spain)
Performers:Korzo Theater, Dance Forum Taipei

2014 如夢幻泡影.jpg

Dream Illustration Bubble Shadow

Director and Choreographer:Mathias Woo (Hong Kong)
Performers:Makoto Matsushima (Japan), Dick Wong (Hong Kong), Savid Yeung (Hong Kong), Dance Forum Taipei.

2011 風云.jpg

Estern Tale

​Choreographer:Ming-Lung Yang 
Music Director:Yiu-Kwong Chung 
Electronic Music Composer:Yu-Chung Tseng 
Live Music Musicians:Yung-Ming Huang (Guqin), Wen-Hsin Cheng (Pipa), Shu-Jan Chang (Erthu)


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